What do agents get with ListReports®?

Daily email

Social media content

Lead generation & nurturing

Digital conferencing

Partner deals

Marketing kits


Lead generation & nurturing

Designed to drive all leads back to you and the agents you work with, these tools engage your social network to appeal to clients on social media and beyond!

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Agents can nurture leads and capture the attention of potential clients by instantly sharing a collection of curated, customizable listings on social media or directly with their buyers.


All leads drive back to YOU and agents you're paired with.

Market statistics

Select specific homes to share

Filter properties by feature

Property search

Agents can search and filter active listings to send to buyers, share on social media, and stay informed on the local market. The ability to set preferences to find the best matches for clients’ needs makes it easy for agents to share individual listings or create custom ListPacks in seconds.


Your branding and contact info is featured on every custom ListPack created.


Time management

Specifically designed to clearly and concisely communicate what you need to know to help your business succeed, including social media content, local market information, and more – all tailored specially to you!

The Daily ListReport

We send a personalized email to your paired agent daily. This daily email includes market statistics from the areas where each paired agent conducts business, industry news, and quick access to helpful ListReports products and features.


Opened an average of 16x per month by agents, every email features YOU and your contact information.

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Make posting easy and help agents start conversations with potential leads with our handcrafted Shareable social media content.


You also receive access to five exclusive Shareable images per week designed specifically for loan officers that are different than the agents!

Delivered directly to agents you are paired with each weekday, agents can share these assets daily to remain front and center with their SOI.


Build client relationships

Use our free virtual solutions and insider discounts from trusted partners to help you and the agents you work with reach more clients in an economical and streamlined way.

ListReports® Live

Host and promote virtual events with our FREE, easy-to-use video conferencing solution. Invite up to 10 people to your own personal virtual conference room, and keep an eye out for our Virtual Open House feature coming soon! 


A competitive advantage for agents.

Partner deals

Access to insider discounts and exclusive offerings from our trusted partners for agents and their sphere of influence. 


Agents can take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts.

Agent activity

Stay in the loop through our communications and Activity Feed, which keep you informed when paired agents engage with our platform.


Your Daily ListReport email also provides a quick snapshot of paired agent actions. More details are available on your Home page and Activity Feed. ​


Property listing marketing

Best-in-class digital options with your personalized branding, automatically delivered directly to the agent’s inbox so they can go to market faster!

Marketing kits


Marketing materials are co-branded with YOUR information!

Over 25 best-in-class digital marketing assets sent directly to an agent’s inbox within an hour of their new listing hitting the market. Your personalized branding automatically appears on each social share, every email, and every printed flyer. Each kit includes:

  • Single property websites
  • Just Sold property websites
  • Infographics

And much more!

  • Neighborhood reports
  • Property flyers & reports
  • Listing presentations
  • Digital postcards

Text-to-lead capture

Automatically sends new consumer leads back to YOU and the agents you’re paired with through our reusable, lead capturing text-to-lead codes displayed on all marketing materials.



You have access to all leads generated through your agents' shortcodes.

Thanks to you, paired agents automatically unlock access to powerful tools from ListReports®